Not a prude, but where are our morals?


What has happened to our morals? Have we changed, or in the effort of competition, has media instead changed and is telling us what is acceptable?

When radio is such a competitive business, it seems to be getting harder and harder to listen to anything on the radio when kids are in the car, and I don’t just mean young kids. I cannot speak for all stations, because there are many to choose from, but I will refer to the stations most often selected in my vehicle daily.

One station, and many of you know it, has a segment called Celebrity Sleaze which features stories of drugs, sex, drinking, and other behaviour by celebrities, that I often wonder why anyone would even care about.

This same station has often run a segment called He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. The title sounds innocent enough, but it is actually driven to catch cheating spouses. Don’t get me wrong, the premise is awesome and as a single guy, I love the ‘assholes’ that women so desire, getting caught. I would even go so far as too say that as an innocent listener, it can definitely be entertaining. However, to happen weekly, you also have to question how real it is. If every case is real, again, as a single guy, it is sad that there are so many women in relationships like these in a city with so many single nice guys. But, as I am always told, the assholes are what women want so……….nah, we will save that for another blog.

If you haven’t heard it, a woman calls in with her suspicions of a cheating boyfriend or husband, and that she is ready to publicly humiliate not only him, but herself on radio. The radio station calls up the spouse, pretending to be their cellphone provider and offering romantic roses sent to the person of their choice in exchange for answering a two simple questions about service. The ‘gotcha’ moment, which almost always proves they are correct, comes when the on-air personalities ask who the flowers should be sent to, and the dumbass almost always says some other woman’s name.

But the station doesn’t stop there. They also have a ‘bad boyfriend’ segment where women call in to compete against each other for prizes, each giving stories about 3 bad boyfriends they have had. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Almost every story is about some loser or cheater. Now is it just me, or is there a bigger underlying issue in society when women are lining up every time to share their stories, or for that matter have that many stories to tell?  If you have that many bad boyfriends……oh, never mind. (see asshole comment above, lol)

There was another popular station that was giving away Cirque du Soleil tickets in exchange for promises of performing wild Circus acts in the bedroom. Really? I don’t need to hear that much less my kids. I wonder how Cirque would feel about the conditions required for free tickets?

My question of who changed our standards of acceptable content is not restricted to just radio, but at least on television we have ratings and warnings ahead of time. However the accuracy of those ratings seem to depend on who your provider is. I cannot believe the number of shows that Bell tells me are 8+ that have risque or sexual content. Really, for an 8 year old? Much of the content is not appropriate for my 12 year old! How have we turned into a society that feels it is okay for children to hear and watch uncensored content about sex, drugs, and binge drinking? Kids have enough pressure on them already – they sure don’t need exposure to adult behaviours to complicate them even further.

The most recent surprise to me, was a local tv station advertising for a ticket scalper during their news broadcast. How is this ethical?

In the end, the media is responsible to the public. If we say their actions are inappropriate, they need to change how they do things in order to survive. Speak up if you think something isn’t right. I told the radio station above I thought their Bad Boyfriend contest was disrespectful of women and the on air personality told me it was funny and entertaining. And really, women keep calling in to play. At least I can change the station, and have.


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