IKEA Calgary, you offended me!

A few weeks ago, I awoke when my IKEA bed frame collapsed. I laugh, but it was the HOPEN model, and I was ‘hopen’ it would last more than 5 years. I tweeted out requesting recommendations for buying a replacement bed, and to my surprise, IKEA Canada Support responded. I went through a process with them providing information and pictures. I was blown away by the service and encouraged that they valued my 30 year business enough to stand by their product and give me some sort of credit towards something new.

I admit I am a heavier guy, but the king size bed collapsed at my head, not my torso. I have been single the entire time I have owned this bed, and the only company my bed has seen, is my daughter climbing into bed when she has a nightmare. As you can see, not only was the side beam cracked in the middle, but also crosswise at the end joint. I bought two more of these beds in a Queen size at the same time, and thus far they seem okay, which would again suggest there is a defect or flaw in mine. This bed was also discontinued shortly after I bought it……just saying…..

IKEA Canada was very sympathetic and helpful and created a file for me, but explained that it would be IKEA Calgary that would decide on any action. The Calgary response was:

“We regret to inform you that after further inspection of the photos you have provided we have not deemed this a quality issue. As much as we’d like to assist you, please note we cannot perform returns or exchanges on items that have normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents. They also do not cover consequential or incidental damages. While we understand your situation, an exchange of your bed is not possible. We regret we could not be of further assistance and thank you for your understanding in the matter.”

I have to say, that I find this offensive. Based on its use for nothing but sleep, collapsing at the head, and how significant the damage was, I can confidently state that if this is normal wear and tear, IKEA seems to have some serious quality issues and perhaps we should all consider spending our money elsewhere. None of their other reasons apply. And it was IKEA Customer Service that gave me hope in the first place!

My house is full of IKEA. I have 3 comforters, 7 MALM Dressers (under recall) between my house and my exes, a computer desk, shelves, 3 beds, a cabinet, kitchen items, storage, and so much more. But my loyalty and business was not worth standing by their products. And let me be clear; IKEA Canada was awesome. This is a local store decision. A local store that I have supported since being a teenager in the 80’s. The IKEA business structure is that IKEA Canada cannot override a local store decision because I was THEIR customer. I am seriously considering returning ALL the dressers under the recall, but they will only give me an IKEA credit so not much point.

Instead, I am turning to my readership and social media. Please ask IKEA Calgary to stand by their products – A bed frame should last longer than 5 years with regular use. Please tell IKEA Calgary you will shop elsewhere (even if you will still buy there). Please tell IKEA Calgary the voice of social media is strong. You can tweet IKEA @IKEACASupport or message them on the IKEA Canada Facebook page. Thank you for your support.